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Personal Injury is an area of civil law that provides monetary compensation to physical or emotional injury victims of accidents or social wrongs.

When someone is injured (a plaintiff) because of the negligence of another person or entity (the defendant), they can file a civil lawsuit against that person or entity for monetary compensation. The injury can result from a myriad of kinds of conduct, and may be either physical or emotional.  If you’ve been injured due to the negligent actions of another person, it’s very important to get the advice of an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury attorney.

Among the more common kinds of personal injury lawsuits are:

The primary goal of a personal injury case is to identify the responsible party and obligate that responsible party to financially compensate the injury victim for his or her losses. A personal injury lawyer can help secure the damages their clients are legally entitled to.

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Several of the damages to which an injury victim is legally entitled include lost earnings, past and on-going medical bills, pain, suffering, and disfigurement.

On certain occasions, close family members of the injury victim can collect damages. This is meant to recompense the family member for the loss of the injury victim’s companionship and services, and is sometimes referred to loss of consortium damages.

Depending on the state where the lawsuit is filed and the particulars of the case, other types of damages may be awarded. Among these are hedonic damages, intended to recompense the injury victim for the loss of fulfillment from the activities that he or she once enjoyed but no longer can due to the injuries sustained. Punitive damages might be awarded, as well, in cases where the actions of the defendant were particularly egregious. These damages are meant to punish the defendant and discourage others from participating in similar conduct.

Negligence, Strict Liability, and Legal Causation

Some personal injury lawsuits are based on the concept of fault, referred to as negligence. Under this theory, a defendant is held responsible for their actions, or lack thereof, when, under the same conditions, a reasonable person should have known the conduct would result in harm to others.

The concept of strict liability can be applied in product liability cases where a manufacturer or retailer of a defective product sends that product to the marketplace and consumers are injured as a result.

Not every injury victim is eligible to make a recovery for his or her injuries. In addition to the injury, a plaintiff must show that the alleged wrongdoer is legally accountable for his or her injuries. The injury victim must show proof of actual causation- simply put, that the defendant’s actions caused the injury- and legal causation. Proof of legal causation will depend on the circumstances and facts of the case and, in some cases, may be demonstrated if the injury victim can show the defendant intentionally harmed the victim.

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