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Rector Stuzynski LLC has been defending our Colorado Springs neighbors in court for over 75 years. We promise to give you the best possible representation in court with evidence backed strategies and expert trial attorneys fighting for you. Our team is always available by phone for virtual consultations or feel free to stop by our office in Downtown Colorado Springs between 8am and 5pm to speak with our lawyers.

Best In Class Performance, Every Step Of The Way

Rector Stuzynski LLC is a law firm dedicated to the highest standards and always strives for excellence. Our staff is comprised of expert level attorneys and paralegals that are here for your every need and client satisfaction is our number one priority. When you need the best legal representation available and a level of customer service unheard of at other law firms, you can count on us to perform at the highest level.

Our Values

Deliver what we promise. Respect our clients. Have pride in what we do. Practice continuous improvement.

Our Vision

To provide extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for great people to deliver best in class results.

Our Legal Practices

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

Our injury cases are handled on a contigency fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless we win!

Dealing with a personal injury claim is a daunting task for anyone that doesn’t handle these cases on a normal basis. Luckily, you’ve got access to the best personal injury attorneys in Colorado Springs when you work with Rector Stuzinski LLC. We’ve been helping injury victims win claims for decades now and we know exactly how to present claims so that our clients have the best possible chance at getting a fair settlement. If you’ve been injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligent actions, then give us a call. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay if we win!

Car accidents are one of the most common cases we deal with at our law firm. They happen every day across Colorado Springs and in many cases can come with devastating injuries. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need the best car accident attorney in Colorado on your side. Having a great lawyer working on your case means you have the best chance at getting maximum compensation for your injuries and can leave the leg work to your lawyers while you heal and get back to normal life. No matter what type of car or auto accident you were involved in, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Reach out to use today for a free consultation on your claim, we’re happy to help!

As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know exactly how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle and just how devastating the injuries from these accidents can be. Most motorists aren’t looking for motorcycle riders, which can turn bad very quickly and we are here to help if that has happened to you or your loved ones. When another person’s negligence contributes to your motorcycle accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries and our law firm is here to fight for you so you can heal faster, get a better settlement and leave the stressful lawsuits to us. Don’t let your injury claim hold you back, you can count on our team to help you every step of the way and get you a settlement that is fair so you can come out of this accident on top.

Truck accidents happen very often with how many are on our roads at all times and the injuries that come along with these accidents are quite sever in most situations. The large trucks, heavy weight and slow maneuverability make truckers prone to accidents, especially when driving on our busy Colorado roads. If you are a trucker or someone that was involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you need an experienced injury lawyer on your side. From investigating the accident to filing your claim and getting the settlement, our team of injury & accident claim attorneys have your back. Don’t settle for a lawyer that just wants to get your claim over with, call Rector Stuzynski LLC today for a team of compassionate lawyers that want only the best for you and your family. 

Wrongful death claims are a very tough situation to have to deal with. You have to mourn the loss of your loved one and at the same time, deal with the lawsuits to get compensation for the loss of your loved one. Nobody should have to do all of this on their own, which is why our law firm is here to handle your wrongful death claim from start to finish. Our goal is to get you maximum compensation for your claim, with minimal effort on your part so you can grieve in peace and know that you have a team of experienced attorneys handling everything for you. When you need to best wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs, then look no further. Rector Stuzynski LLC is here to help!

Rideshare services are very convenient when you need to get around, but sometimes the drivers don’t drive with care and end up causing accidents which in turn lead to you getting injured. If this has happened to you, make sure you have an experienced Uber & Lyft accident attorney handling your case, or you could get stuck with major medical bills you can’t cover. Our law firm knows exactly how to put together a rideshare accident claim that will get you a fair settlement so you can heal your injuries in peace and leave the stressful legal work to us.

In heavily foot trafficked areas such as Downtown Colorado Springs, pedestrian accidents have become quite common. Whether it’s a pedestrian that was jay walking getting hit by a car or a negligent driver turning into a pedestrian, these accidents can cause injuries that leave you with aches and pains for a long time. At Rector Stuzynski LLC, it is our mission to get you the medical help you need to make a full recovery and get your medical bills covered by your settlement(and then some). We strive to ensure our clients come out on top when the claim is all said and done, so you can get the treatment you need while we handle all of the legal issues. Call today for a free consultation on your case.

Bicycle commuting has gotten more popular in recent years, but with that comes more bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. Most motorists just aren’t paying attention to the bike lanes or even expecting bikers to be around them, so accidents happen a lot in these situations. Some common accidents we see with bicycles are cars opening doors in front of bikers in the bike lane, vehicles turning into bikers and bikers without lights at night that get hit. All of these accidents can bring severe injuries and the best way to heal without having to cover all the medical bills yourself is to hold the person who’s negligent actions cause d the accident accountable. That’s where we come in. With a dedicated team of experienced injury attorneys, you can trust that your claim is in good hands when you choose to work with Rector Stuzynski LLC.

Business owners that don’t take care of their property and end up causing customers to get injured need to be held accountable for their actions. Whether you slipped on a wet floor that wasn’t marked properly or the sidewalks on the property were so badly damaged that it tripped you and caused a major injury, you are entitled to compensation if the situation was caused by negligence form the business. We have helped countless premises liability victims get compensation for their injuries over the years and our team of lawyers are happy to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Wet floors, icy walkways and stairs are all common places where slip and fall accidents occur. The business has a responsibility to keep their property safe for customers and should be held responsible for injuries that are a result of their negligent actions. Many times, these accidents can come with injuries that take weeks, months or even years to recover from, depending on their severity and you should be compensated for having to deal with these injuries. From pain and suffering to medical bills and lost wages, our attorneys are here to help you get the maximum amount of compensation from your settlement so you can get back to normal life without major medical bills looming over you. Call us today for a free consultation on your claim.

Insurance companies love to take advantage of their clients by low balling claims, flat out denying claims, and not providing coverage that they are legally required to provide. This is called bad faith insurance and it should not be taken lightly. The insurance companies love to hold us accountable for things, so we are going to hold them accountable for the losses that our clients incur due to their shady business practices. If you’ve been dealing with a bad faith insurance claim, make sure to reach out to us for help getting the insurance company to pay up.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers

We have extensive experience handling many different types of criminal cases for our clients.

Dealing with criminal charges is an extremely important matter that needs to be handled by professionals, or it could end up causing major problems in your life. Having a criminal record can keep you from getting a job, get your drivers license suspended and even end up putting you in jail. That’s why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. With decades of experience dealing with criminal cases, our legal team is ready to handle your case. For a free consultation, give us a call today.

Drug crimes can leave a lasting effect on your life if you are convicted. Whether they are misdemeanor or felony drug charges, you don’t want that on your record for years to come, so make sure to get an attorney that knows how to handle these types of cases and can get you the best possible outcome for your case. Without great legal help, you are asking to have the judge give you the highest sentencing which can keep you from progressing through life when you have a record following you around.

Getting convicted of a sex crime can get you put on the registered sex offenders list, which is never a good thing. These lists are made public and anyone can look up the locals sex offenders and find out who you are and where you live. So don’t take sex crime charges lightly as these are guaranteed to upend your life for the foreseeable future. At Rector Stuzynski LLC, we can help you put together a case that get s you the best possible outcome for your situation, so call us for a free consultation.

Domestic violence is never a fun situation and our hearts go out to anyone who has had to deal with this type of trauma. Whether you are being charged with domestic violence or are a victim of it, you can expect quality legal help from our team every step of the way. The laws in Colorado regarding domestic violence are very strict, so make sure you only hire the best lawyers in town to help with your case.

Felony charges are guaranteed to put a damper on your life. They stay on your record for many years and anyone that does a background check will see exactly what you were charged with, so it’s extremely important to get these charges reduced or dropped by working with an experienced attorney from the start. You can expect the best results possible when working with our felony defense lawyers as we have fought felony charges for our clients for years. Don’t wait to get going on your case, the more time we have to build a solid case for you, the better.

Misdemeanor charges are a very scary thing to have to deal with and if not handled by a legal professional, could end up costing you a lot in many different ways. From not getting the job you wanted to not being allowed to do certain things, misdemeanors can leave a lasting affect on you and your family. Make sure to get your misdemeanors handled by an experienced attorney if you want the best outcome for your situation.

Client Testimonials

Diana Currie
I thought 100% 5 star reviews for a business was too good to be true. As it turns out, 5 starts was not enough! I was in a car accident last summer and did not know what to do next. It was serious and I was not at fault, and I knew that I would need representation. I had so many questions and concerns and felt overwhelmed with the situation. After my first meeting with Carrie, Michael, and Terry, I immediately felt at ease. They answered every question along the way and were compassionate and supportive. They took care of everything. Carrie and Kay kept in contact about every doctor's appointment (2-3 a week), and any updates in my case. Carrie even called me after my shoulder surgery, just to make sure everything went well. Like I said, these amazing people took care of everything, but most importantly they took care of me. I am so grateful that I found a law firm that genuinely cares about their clients. I have and will continue to highly recommend Rector- Stuzynski Law. Thank you all so much!
Audrey Hernandez
Michael A. Stuzynski has been the most respectful, professional, and hard working lawyer I have ever met. Although, I don't have much experiences with lawyers, Michael is truly the lawyer I look up to and plays all rolls to keep the justice system running legally and profoundly. I recommend anyone to Michael, I would recommend him with my eyes closed, in the most difficult decision ever. Thanks to Michael for his professionalism and his honesty throughout every process. Truly a great man, and a great lawyer!!
Terry Bresee
Mr Rector and the entire firm have provided us with superb law advice for the past 8 months. From the day we met Terry, Carrie, Kay and Dan we have been treated with professional, caring, first class service. We are blessed with having several lawyers and a Professor of Law in our immediate family. All agree that The Rector Law Firm has obtained justice for our very challenging situation. We highly recommend this group of admirable folks!
Amanda Condreras
Everyone at Rector was incredible to work with. From the moment I submitted my request to meet with them online to the very end of the settlement, I felt fully supported. They were accessible to meet on weekends, answered emails at all hours of the day, and stayed on top of everything in my case so I didn't have to focus on it. They significantly lessened the burden of the car accident by fully taking on all aspects of my case. I would recommend Rector Law to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation I did last summer. They're a great group of people!
Darla McCarty
I was in a car accident and reached out to various law offices. Rector Law Firm made me feel the most comfortable and even came to my home for a free consultation since my damaged car was in the shop. From the initial consultation through the settlement date, Carrie and Mr. Rector worked diligently on my case. I trusted that they were working with my best interests in mind and they did not let me down! If you want to work with a law office who you can trust and will keep you updated on your case with regular communication, choose Rector Stuzynski LLC!
Aracely Sanchez
I highly recommend Rector Stuzynski Law Firm. My whole family was involved in a terrible car accident where we suffered a significant amount of damages. Michael and Terry are very knowledgeable and are always up front with you. Carrie and Kay had excellent communication with us and always kept us updated on the progress of our case. Overall everyone is caring and professional. Having them on our side has been the only peace of mind I have had this past year.
Vanessa Dusel
I was in a car accident where my car was totaled and had medical bills. I discovered the driver who hit me gave false information. I felt overwhelmed and emotionally drained. I decided to get a lawyer to help me thought the legal process. I talked to Carrie at Rector Stuzynski Law Firm, and they took my case. Carrie answered my questions in detail and kept me informed with each step taken. Through their hard work, guidance, and support I was able to rest, recover, and move forward with my life. They are an exceptional top-notch law firm; I highly recommend them to anyone who has a personal injury and needs an excellent defense team!
Gilberto P.
I highly recommend Rector Stuzynski Law Firm. Everyone in the office always answered any questions and had open communication with us at all times. They explain everything in detail and are always available to help quickly. If you need an attorney Michael, Carrie, Terry, and Kay are your guys!
Norma Leon
Thanks to Rector Stuzynski we were able to receive compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering after a horrible accident we were involved in. Carrie, Michael and Terry made sure we stayed informed and were taken care of throughout the whole process by providing resources and get our insurances to pay up front. I would recommend this law firm to anyone in a similar situation as ours. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making sure we received fair compensation for the losses we had.
Alejandro Ramos
Michael Stuzynski was great to work with, and I'm extremely happy with having him represent me. He was always so responsive whenever I had any questions about my case, and I could tell he knew what he was doing, so my mind was always at ease. There was definitely a sense of confidence whenever we were in the courtroom. Michael was extremely polite, knowledgeable and a good asset to have! If I'm ever looking for a legal team to represent me in the state of Colorado, Rector Stuzynski law firm will definitely be my go-to.
Rebecca Beck
Great to work with! Responsive, frequent, concise communication, excellent representation. They really cared about us and worked hard to help us. Highly recommend!
Billy Beattie
Rector Stuzynski is the best law firm in town, hands down. They truly care about you as a client unlike some of the other law firms in Colorado Springs, they should be your first and only stop for any legal counsel and representation! Terry, Michael, and Carrie are awesome!
Tara Babas
I am very pleased with my decision to go forward with Rector Stuzynski. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a lawyer. They are understanding, honest, and professional. And really good at what they do. I would give them 10 stars if I could.
Lacey Boren
Michael Stuzynski was dedicated to my case. He was very professional and reliable. Always responding to my calls and emails with a sense of urgency. I was never left in limbo wondering what was going on with my case. I highly recommend him. It was very clear he knows the law and loves what he does. Having to deal with any case is hard but with an attorney like Mr. Stuzynski set me at ease through out the whole process. 10/10!!!
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Happy Clients Are What We Live For

When you are in need of the absolute best legal services available in Colorado Springs or nearby, then look no Further. Rector Stuzynksi LLC is here to help you get your life back to normal as quick as possible so you can put your legal issues in the past.

Lawyers With Ties To Their Community

Both Terry Rector and Michael Stuzynski make Colorado Springs their home and are very passionate about serving their community as well as the rest of their Colorado neighbors. We can honestly say that we want the absolute best for our clients in every way possible.

Client Centered Representation

At Rector Stuzynski LLC, your wellbeing means a lot to us. Our attorneys and staff get to know each one of our clients in order to fully understand the nature of your case and ensure the best possible results for any type of personal injury or criminal defense case that comes through our doors.

Free 24/7 Case Evaluations

Our firm offers free case evaluations outlining:
 the worst case scenario,
the best case scenario and the best option for you to move forward with your case. From start to finish, our legal team will thoroughly explain the entire process and make sure you have a solid case for favorable results.

Risk Free Services For Injuries

To reduce the potential financial risks for our clients, most injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning if we can’t collect money for you, you pay nothing to our law firm. Our goal is to get you the help you need so we make sure our fees only come from money we recover and not your pocket.

About Our Law Firm

Rector Stuzynski LLC is a local law firm located in downtown Colorado Springs.  We keep our practice small so we can dedicate our skillset to the service of our community.  This ensures that we do not lose the personal touch that made us who we are today.  We have enjoyed a reputation of excellence in service of our clients for years now, and we will proudly serve you with integrity, compassion, and professionalism.

At Rector Stuzynski LLC, we realize that your health is your most important asset.  When you are injured, you already have enough to worry about without the frustration of fighting the insurance companies to make sure they do the right thing.  You have more pressing concerns, like dealing with physical and emotional pain, time spent away from family and the life that you enjoy, as well as time away from work.  When you hire Rector Stuzynski LLC, you can rest assured that your case will be in the hands of experienced trial lawyers who will work hard to get just compensation for your injury so you can dedicate your time to what is most important—your recovery.

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Areas We Serve

We serve clients charged with crimes or injured anywhere throughout the state of Colorado, but we focus on residents of these areas: Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Briargate, Monument, Black Forest, Pueblo, Canon City, Larkspur, Security-Widefield, Peyton, Falcon, Calhan, Castle Rock, Teller County, El Paso County, Elbert County, Park County, Douglas County and nearby.