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Expert Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Serving Colorado Springs

Being charged with a sexual offense in Colorado is extremely serious. The mere accusation of a sexual offense is enough to ruin a person’s life, often causing the loss of employment stability, custody status, and community reputation. Sexual offenses are the easiest crimes to fabricate, and often catch unassuming individuals off guard. For many, the first time they are made aware of the accusation is sitting across from a friendly police officer who invited them into the station.
Sex Crime Attorney
If you have been accused of a sexual offense, it is important to contact an experienced Colorado Springs sex crimes lawyer immediately, as an experienced attorney is equipped with the tools and experience to help you navigate through this difficult process and begin clearing your name. If you are lucky enough to find out about the allegation before charges are filed, you should seek help immediately, as the process only becomes more stressful and expensive after the case makes its way into the court system. The Colorado Springs sex crimes attorneys at the Rector Stuzynski LLC have successfully represented people accused of sexual offenses prior to charges being filed, and in some cases are able to resolve the matter without detectives taking the next step and recommending charges to the District Attorney’s Office.

Types Of Sexual Crimes Our Law Firm Defends

Sexual offenses are broadly defined as unlawful sexual acts that are committed against the victim’s consent, or against a victim, such as a child, who is legally unable to give consent. The Colorado Springs sex crimes attorneys at the Rector Stuzynski LLC have defended people throughout Colorado who are accused of the following crimes:
  • Sexual Assault
  • Statutory Rape
  • Sexual Assault on a Child
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Child Abuse & Child Molestation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Internet Sex Crimes
  • Rape & Attempted Rape
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Child
  • Internet Luring of a Child
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Indecent Exposure & Public Indecency
  • Prostitution
  • Pandering/Pimping

Penalties for Sexual Offenses in Colorado

A sexual offense conviction will result in serious direct and collateral consequences. Sex crimes carry the harshest sentences under Colorado law other than homicides or other Class 1 Felonies. Most felony sex crimes carry mandatory lifetime supervision as well as sex offender registration, as described in CRS 18-1.3-1001 and accompanying statutes. This includes “life” prison and probation sentences, stiff financial penalties, sex offender treatment, and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. Sentencing laws for sexual offenses are some of the most complicated areas of criminal law in Colorado, so it is important to hire a Colorado Springs sex crimes attorney with the experience to get you the best advice and representation possible.

Even the collateral, or indirect, consequences of a sexual offense conviction are life-altering, and include harsh criticism and ostracization from the community, a tarnished reputation, damaged personal relationships, and limited housing, employment, and financial options. A convicted sex offender will not only have to register on the sex offender registry, but depending upon the nature of the offense, may have to advise neighbors and community members of his or her status, which is extremely humiliating. Offenders on probation are not allowed to visit many places we all take for granted without first clearing it with an overbearing probation officer, and offenders are not allowed to forge new inter-personal relationships unless they are first approved by the treatment team.

Contact Our Colorado Springs Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

The consequences of a sexual offense conviction are life-altering and severe, so an accusation of a sexual offense should never be taken lightly or handled by a novice or cut-rate attorney. The Colorado Springs sexual offense attorneys at Rector Stuzynski LLC have significant experience in all areas of criminal law, and have represented countless clients charged with sexual offenses in Colorado, both before and after charges were filed. In some cases, individuals who have hired Rector Stuzynski LLC prior to charges being filed were able to avoid the court system altogether. The Colorado Springs sex crimes lawyers at the Rector Law Firm have successfully defended people after charges have been filed as well.

Sex crimes are incredibly serious, so it is important not to waste any time hiring a competent attorney. The Colorado Springs sex crimes attorneys at the Rector Stuzynski LLC work with the top professionals in the defense community to gather evidence in support of your innocence and generate mitigation to convince the prosecutor to back off. Once the system has made the decision to charge you with a sexual offense, police and prosecutor investigators are generally not actively looking for evidence of innocence. That is why it is important to get an aggressive and competent Colorado Springs sex crimes lawyer on your side as soon as possible. The lawyers at the Rector Stuzynski LLC are committed to using their experience, skills, and courtroom knowledge to build a compelling case for innocence, aggressively negotiating with the prosecution, and zealously defending you in front of a jury.

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