dealing with a bad insurance company

Colorado citizens purchase insurance to provide personal protection for damages sustained by them when they are involved in an accident.  When a claim has been set up with your insurance company and they fail to respond in a timely fashion, you may be dealing with an unreasonable insurance company.

Colorado Insurance Laws

Insurance companies do not have the right to “drag their feet.”  The law requires that insurance companies act in good faith when handling your claim – Colorado Revised Statute 10-3-1115.  Colorado Revised Statute 10-3-1116 provides rights to policyholders against their insurance companies.  This law holds an unreasonable insurance company directly liable for excessive delays and denials, and provides for twice the benefits that would have been paid.  When an insurance customer pays timely premiums for this personal coverage and has a valid claim, the insurance company should not delay or deny their claim.

You Have Options

If you’re insurance company is delaying on paying a legitimate claim, you have options. Contact an experienced insurance dispute attorney. They’ll be able to tell you how best to proceed, and will help ensure that your insurance company doesn’t trample on your rights.

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