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Side-impact collisions can be very frightening, and lead to extensive damage, injury, or even fatalities. They can occur in numerous varied traffic situations, which can make determining who is at fault extremely complicated. Either driver, or in rarer cases, both drivers, can be found at fault for the accident, unlike certain other types of accidents where fault is more easily determined (for example, when one driver rear-ends another).

As these cases are rarely cut and dry, it’s important to retain legal counsel if you’ve been involved in a side-impact accident at a traffic light.  You need a Colorado Springs car crash lawyer who understands the tactics used by insurance companies and the opposing counsel in order to protect your rights.

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Not every Colorado attorney is equally skilled when it comes to traffic collision cases, which is why it’s important to choose a lawyer with experience in this complex field of law. Rector Stuzynski LLC’s attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience and can provide you with the knowledge and expertise required to fight your case in court successfully. They’ll be able to examine your case and the evidence involved to protect your rights and interests.

Car accidents often seem to the layperson to involve a certain amount of he said/she said, but once in litigation, contradictory statements and misinformation can often be debunked by an experienced lawyer.

For example, if a plaintiff says that the defendant ran a red light and caused a collision in an intersection, resulting in injury, one might think the case is open and shut. However, if the defendant claims that the light was still green, the situation is much murkier. In one case like this, the plaintiff alleged injuries to her neck, back, and wrist as a result of a collision and demanded $75,000 for her injuries. The defense claimed that the plaintiff was negligent and that not all her injuries were caused by the accident.

In this instance, the judge found that while the plaintiff had sustained injuries, the defendant had not been negligent and therefore would not be held responsible for the plaintiff’s damages and injuries.  This outcome would likely have been very different if the defendant had not enlisted the help of an experienced attorney to defend his rights.

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