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The Dangers Of Driving A Semi-Truck In Strong Winds

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Colorado’s Strong Winds Pose A Threat To Truckers

Any resident of Colorado can vouch for the fact that the winds we experience here can be extremely strong at times and even more so in the plains or wide-open spaces. These open areas with major highways running through have proven to be problematic for truck drivers with a tight schedule to keep, especially during severe weather bursts throughout the front range. As a truck driver, you should always be prepared for what to do after a semi-truck accident just to be safe.

semi truck roll over accident near colorado springs

Most professional semi-truck drivers have strict time schedules to keep in order to keep their clients happy and deliver goods on time. Sometimes these truck drivers take unnecessary risks to make deadlines that can end up keeping their delivery from happening at all. When tractor-trailers drive through open spaces with high winds, the trailer acts almost like a sail and catches enormous amounts of the winds force. This can cause roll-overs which are dangerous not only for the driver of the truck, but also for the other drivers around the rolling vehicle and in many cases can lead to one or more parties needing Colorado Springs truck accident attorneys to get compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident. 

Some roads have warnings that you are approaching an area with high winds, but many highways are not equipped with such signals and truckers often don’t realize what they are driving into until it’s too late. Even if a truck slows down to a stop, extremely high winds can cause the trucks to tip over and potentially fall on top of another vehicle. When this happens, drivers and passengers can incur serious injuries that can cause lifelong pain or disabilities.

There are numerous situations where many people can get hurt in rollover truck accidents such as the truck driver, passengers riding in the truck, drivers and passengers of cars next to the truck, not following truck driver accident procedures and even unknowing drivers that run into the back of a truck that is tipping over. All of these scenarios have the potential to cause severe injuries to all parties, which is why it is so dangerous for truckers to be put in these situations in the first place.

Truckers Must Drive With Caution

Ultimately, it is the truck driver’s responsibility to operate their commercial vehicle in a safe manner and to avoid any roads that pose a threat to the safe delivery of their goods. In some cases though, unexpected strong winds may occur and there is nothing the driver can do except slow down to minimize the damage done if a rollover does occur. 

There are many factors that go into figuring out who is ultimately responsible when a rollover happens and each individual case will need to be thoroughly examined by a qualified Colorado Springs truck accident attorney to find out if there is a valid case present. Whether you were the truck driver that was forced to stick to a timeline and drive through unsafe conditions or if you were the driver of another vehicle that was hit by a rollover truck, Rector Stuzynski LLC is here to help you through your case.

We have handled countless truck accident lawsuits in the past and helped many Colorado residents get the compensation they deserve after an accident. We comb through all of the details of the incident and find out who was actually at fault so that we can build a solid case to represent you within the courtroom. In some cases, we may bring in accident recreation experts or eyewitnesses to help get all the angles. Don’t let your trucking company or the trucker who injured you get off scot-free, let Rector Stuzynski LLC handle your case and get the compensation you deserve. 

With decades of experience helping accident victims, you can be sure that your case will be dealt with by professionals who know how to get results. At Rector Stuzynski LLC we offer free consultations for semi-truck accident victims, so give us a call right away to speak with one of our attorneys. You can reach us 24/7 at (719) 578-1106.

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