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What Is A Head On Collision?

Head-on collisions are a type of auto accident where a vehicle is struck from the front of the vehicle, either by another vehicle or even a stationary object. This can mean a car swerving into your lane that was going the opposite direction, a car turning left in front of you and hitting them head on or even crashing into a light pole with the front of your vehicle. These types of accidents are extremely dangerous because in many cases the driver can get severely injured or even killed due to the impact that head on collisions cause. It can cause major whiplash, broken bones, facial injuries and much worse, especially when head-on collisions involve another vehicle traveling the opposite direction at relatively high speed.

two cars badly damaged after head on collision

Even though cars come with safety features such as seatbelts and airbags, the velocity of both vehicles traveling in opposite directions causes extreme force to be put onto the people in both vehicles and many times can turn into fatal injuries even when wearing a seatbelt. These accidents are some of the most serious injuries we see as car accident lawyers and we have seen all types of accidents in our decades of litigating auto accident claims.

What To Do After A Severe Accident

If you’ve been severely injured in a head-on collision, it is very important that you stay put and wait for medical help to arrive and assess your injuries before you start moving around. In some cases, you may suffer spine, neck or back injuries that can become worse as you move around and you may not notice these things right away because of the adrenaline that you are experiencing after such an event. Always wait for medical help and get fully checked out to ensure you don’t have any injuries that need to be addressed right away.

Get yourself checked out thoroughly by a doctor as well once you get to the hospital and make sure you follow through with all treatment procedures, without missing any appointments. Missing appointments or not taking the recovery process seriously will be shown to the opposing party and they will use that against you to pay out a smaller settlement, so don’t make that mistake. You should also enlist the services of an exceptional injury attorney to help start the litigation process. Your lawyer will make sure you reach maximum medical improvement before you file your lawsuit to ensure that all of your recovery costs are included in the settlement package so you don’t lose out on any compensation unnecessarily.

Dangers Of Head On Collisions

When two vehicles going the opposite direction hit each other, even at slow speeds, the impact is worse than a normal accident. This is because one car traveling at 30 mph in one direction and the other traveling at 30 mph in the opposite direction causes the same impact as one vehicle hitting a stationary object at 60 mpg which can be devastating. This type of impact typically causes major whiplash which can lead to back, spine, chest and neck injuries that can last a lifetime. The impact will also cause airbags to deploy and even though these are there for safety, many passengers end up hitting these airbags with such force that it breaks their jaw, fractures their skull, gets a traumatic brain injury, breaks their arms and wrists or worse.

Broken bones and scarring is very common with head on collision accidents and in high speed collisions, these injuries can easily become deadly which can turn into a wrongful death case against the at fault driver if that happens.

Common Causes Of These Accidents

Some of the most common situations that cause head on collisions are distracted drivers swerving into oncoming traffic whether that be in the middle of a turn or on a two lane highway where someone isn’t paying attention and drifts over into the opposite lane. We also see a lot of head on collisions when someone turns left in front of oncoming traffic, like at a stop light or regular intersection. In some cases, these accidents are also caused by a single vehicle running head on into a light pole or other stationary object or building. Drunk or drugged drivers are notorious for not paying attention and cause a lot of head on collisions accidents because of this. All of these situations cause major injuries to the parties involved, even at slow speeds, with high speed accidents being even more devastating.

Determining Liability In A Head-On Crash

One of the main factors in being able to sue the at fault party for causing the accident is being able to prove who was at fault for the accident. Many times this is easy to do, such as when one driver swerves into oncoming traffic, but in some cases, proving fault is not as easy. This is where it is important to have a qualified car accident lawyer on your side to investigate the accident scene, photos, videos, eyewitness testimony and the police reports to determine who actually caused the accident. In some cases, your lawyer may even bring in accident recreation experts to help prove fault. No matter what the situation, always make sure to have an experienced injury lawyer handle your case because they have enormous amounts of experience in this field and will likely be able to get you a much better settlement than you could have by doing this on your own.

Damages You May Be Eligible To Receive

When you have a valid accident claim, you are entitled to receive repayment for any damages you suffered due to the accident. These damages are broken up into two categories called economic damages and non-economic damages. The economic damages are expenses you incurred from the accident and your recovery from injuries such as medical expenses, costs to repair your vehicle, lost wages from past and future missed work while recovering, transportation costs to get to doctors appointments and fixing your car and more. Since all of these costs have a specific price tag associated with them, they fall into the category of economic damages.

The second type of damages are called non-economic damages and they are losses you had that do not come with a specific price tag. This can be for things such as pain and suffering you endured because of your injuries and recovery process, mental anguish, loss of limbs, loss of mobility, loss of quality of life, scarring, lifelong pain from injuries that can not be fully recovered from and more. These will all be added together and assigned a dollar amount that will be added on to your economic damages to give you a total amount that your settlement package will payout to you as compensation for what you went through.

What If The Injuries Turn Fatal?

Due to the severe nature of injuries that head on collisions have, in some cases one or more parties may end up with injuries that turn deadly. This can turn your standard injury claim into a wrongful death claim which aims to compensate the family and loved ones of the deceased for their loss. In these situations, the at fault party will be held liable for any expenses the family incurred from the injuries and medical treatments the family member accrued while they were still alive after the accident and then will also have to pay compensation for the family losing their loved one. This can include loss of income, loss consortium, loss of companionship and more which can become very expensive.

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