Choosing the right personal injury attorney in Colorado Springs can be difficult. It may seem like there are a lot of different options, so how do you know whom you should choose?

On top of having to pick from all the options, if you’re in the process of looking for a personal injury attorney, you’ve probably been injured in an accident, and already have a lot of new and difficult things you need to be paying attention to.

Accidents are incredibly stressful experiences, and dealing with their consequences can seem like a full time job. Here are some helpful tips for what to ask, and how to prepare:

What Should I Ask My Potential Personal Injury Attorney?

  1. You should first make sure that the initial consultation with the personal injury attorney is a free no-obligation consultation.
  2. Ask the attorney about their specific background and areas of expertise to be sure that their area of knowledge and skill is specific to the legal matter you are facing.
  3. When you hire an attorney it will be a joint venture or partnership so you want to be sure that you feel like you can have open communication and that it’s a good fit.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask questions or for clarification if you do not understand a response. A personal injury attorney will take the time to listen to and understand all of the circumstances surrounding your situation.
  5. Ask who will be working on your case and returning your phone calls. You want to be sure there will be open communication and that your inquiries will be timely responded to.
  6. Make sure you have clear answers and a complete understanding of how your claim will be handled, including fees and costs of the attorney.

What Should I Bring to My Free Consultation?

  1. Information regarding the person who caused the harm, including insurance and claims numbers if you have them.
  2. Any insurance cards and policies you may have to include automobile policies and cards, along with health insurance cards (to include Medicaid or Medicare).
  3. Any accident or incident reports, along with any photographs you may have.
  4. Medical bills and reports.

This will allow the attorney to better assess your claim during the consultation.