“Terry and Carrie did an amazing job, they dealt with the insurance company every step of the way. I was in a motorcycle accident in August and they took care of me the whole way and advised me on what do to do and how to go about it. I had never been in an accident before and they have been an wonderful help. They are also riders and take care of other riders. Thank you so much for all the help. ”

“They made my car accident so easy to deal with. All the medical bills and insurance companies, I felt like I was in way over my head. Then I hired Rector law firm and they took care of everything. Highly recommend their services!”

“I would give 10 stars if possible. My wife was in a bad car accident last summer. We were referred to The Rector Law Firm and have been taken care of from day one including several in home visits to check on us or to save a trip into town. They took over everything for us and stopped the harassing calls from billing departments which allowed my wife to focus on getting better. The doctors and therapists they referred us to were also amazing. Communication was always accurate and quick. Never had issues reaching Carrie or Kay no matter what time of day. They took a rough time in our lives and helped us make the best of it.”

“Having been a paralegal in other areas of law for 25+ years in both large and small firms, I knew exactly what I was looking for in hiring a personal injury law firm to handle my representation after being involved in a car accident. I knew a large bouquet law firm would treat me as a number and not a name and would get to me as “their” time permitted. Not only was I treated as an important individual with caring concern, but Rector Law Firm treated my case the same as it would have had my case been worth mega dollars. I would come in to bring papers and be in such pain from the accident and be stressed to the hilt over the entire situation and would come out the door feeling relieved and much more relaxed. Talk about a doctor having a good bedside manner, everyone and I mean ALL the staff has that same caring demeanor. I would highly recommend Rector Law Firm to represent anyone in whatever their needs may be. B. Parker”

“Our car was totaled as a result of being rear-ended while at a stop light and I was injured. I knew I needed to call the Rector Law Firm. As a widow of a local Colorado Springs attorney, I knew that both Terry and Dan Rector, following in their father’s footsteps, would treat my case with perseverance and dignity. Their paralegal, Carrie Bush, kept me informed throughout the case. Their success was awesome! I highly encourage anyone in need of a personal injury attorney to call the Rector Law Firm.”

“I was injured when I was struck by a vehicle while riding my bicycle. The Rector Law Firm had a five star review and that is the reason I selected them to handle my case. – they would get a 10 star review from me. If you are injured in an accident – this is the firm you need to call.”

“I was injured in a three car accident after being sandwiched between 2 cars. I researched before I hired an attorney. The Rectors were very personable and I always felt comfortable and completely informed during the process of my case. My satisfaction with my case brought me back to the Rector Firm for a second injury case when I fell. The Rectors took the time and skill necessary to procure the full policy limits available to me. The outcome of my cases were much beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who may sustain a personal injury!”

“I debated for a long time about getting a lawyer after an accident. Finally, when it looked like my own insurance company was letting me down, I was referred to Dan Rector and the Rector Law Firm. I found everyone there to be helpful, communicative and responsive to my concerns and upsets. It did actually feel like I had someone on my side who did the conflict resolution for me. They definitely helped with the stress of it all and finally got me a settlement that was beyond anything I could have done on my own and that allows me to get the treatment I want for an on-going issue. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone needing legal help after an accident.”

“This Law firm is full of amazing and caring people. They fought hard for me to get me what I deserved and didn’t stop till they got it. I had a great experience and knew what was happening with my case at all times. I would highly recommend them to anyone in a motorcycle accident so you don’t have to deal with the insurance company alone, Carrie and the staff and lawyers care about you and doing what’s in your best interest. Thank you for all you did for me.”

“While hiring a lawyer was not in our life plan, we are so glad to have been referred to The Rector Law Firm after an injury accident. They were very thorough with our case and patient with our endless questions. They were professional, qualified, and competent throughout the process. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

“My experience with the Rector Law Firm was nothing short of great and beyond expectations! They came up with a fair and quick settlement! I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again if the occasion came up!”

“Rector Law Firm was a great resource after the motorcycle accident. They handled all of our insurance and medical bills and kept us informed throughout the process. They continue to do seek out every benefit we can receive even after the settlement and fees were paid. I highly recommend Rector Law Firm. Good friendly and knowledgeable staff!”

“I am a former client of the Rector Law Firm. I retained this firm on a wrongful death claim. I was absolutely 100% satisfied with the services rendered. I was always kept informed in my case and my questions were always timely answered. I had a quick resolution to my case and would recommend the Rector Law Firm to anyone in need of a good personal injury or wrongful death attorney.”

“Terry and his team did a great job! They understood my case and were on top of it. Very professional and yelding to my needs. I feel like they went above and beyond the call of duty as a law office. hopefully I won’t need a lawyer again but if I do Terry Rector will be my first call. I highly recommend them!”

“When I first met attorney Terry Rector, Terry instilled in me a value throughout the entire time he represented me. His emphasis upon the important of a “Fact Driven Defense” – his ability to present the facts of the matter as they are, not as argued by a prosecutor – was excellent and made a tremendous difference in my case. The confidence of his 30 plus years of representing clients reminded me of an article I’d read years ago that, for me, embodies so much of the experience I had with the Rector Law Firm. It was in an article from the Saturday Evening Post in 1915 called The Penalty of Leadership that so accurately describes Terry Rector and his team at The Rector Law Firm:

“When a man’s work becomes a standard for the whole world, it also becomes a target for the shafts of the envious few. If his work be merely mediocre, he will be left severely alone — if he achieves a masterpiece, it will set a million tongues a-wagging. Jealousy does not protrude its forked tongue at the artist who produces a commonplace painting. Whatsoever you write, or paint, or play, or sing, or build, no one will strive to surpass or to slander you, unless your work be stamped with the seal of genius.”

There was always someone available to answer my questions or to soothe my worry. Whether it was his paralegal, Carrie (who is awesome I might add) or Terry himself, calls were always answered and messages were always returned. For me and my cause, Mr. Rector was a genius and I cannot express enough appreciation and gratitude. Terry Rector is a problem solver! Without reservation, I would highly recommend Mr. Rector his staff!”

“Terry Rector and his excellent legal staff helped my family and I recover from a catastrophic car accident. They fought the insurance companies and ensured every detail of my case was taken care of the right way. I would recommend The Rector Law firm to anyone who has been in an accident and needs help dealing with the greedy insurance companies.”


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“I have highly recommend Rector Law Firm. In July 2012, I was involved in a crash on my motorcycle. A lady had pulled out in front me and took my right away. As a result I suffered some major injuries. When the crash first happened I hired a National Advertised Law firm in Colorado to handle my case. Needless to say I was not happy with them. So in November 2012 I was told of Rector Law Firm. So we met and I decided to let go the first attorney and hire Rector Law Firm. Since they have taken over I feel like they have actually listened to my story and care about me. They have stayed in communication though the entire process. They have help us with insurance and making sure that all bills related were properly billed and sooo much more! So if you are looking for a excellent Law Firm this is it!!”


“My name is Heather and my daughter’s name is Felecia. Felecia was on vacation in Colorado Springs when she was involved in a near-fatal auto accident. We live in California and when I got the call the only thing on my mind was “get to my daughter NOW.” After being hospitalized in a Colorado ICU for nine days, Felecia was moved to a private room; at that time it dawned on me that we needed to get Felecia some legal representation. We were directed to Carl West, who came to the hospital to meet us and spend time with Felecia. He listened to her story, after which he explained the process of legal representation. He made sure we both understood what he was telling us before continuing on. After visiting with us, and gathering the information he needed to move forward with Felecia’s case, he said that he would be sending Carrie, his paralegal, to the hospital later that day with the necessary paperwork to move forward with Felecia’s case. He was kind and professional, deliberate and thorough in his explanations. Now, when we have a question or a concern we email Carrie; she returns our emails within the hour, even if it’s to let us you know she has received our email. The kindness and professionalism we experienced that first day in the hospital has been an unfailing constant. Carl West, Terry Rector and Carrie have been amazing; they work very diligently and close with us. They have been the silver lining in this sea of darkness that has become Felecia’s life. It’s comforting to know that we don’t have to deal with the legal side; we can concentrate on getting Felecia well. We want to thank each of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your diligent work. We were very fortunate and blessed to have been pointed in your direction.”


“In April of 2009 I was struck by a car while riding my bicycle. The insurance company was not helping; Medpay was not paying any bills. It was overwhelming. The pressure was mounting taking a toll on my health, my family life and affecting my job. We had never been involved in an accident with injuries. The smartest decision my wife and I made was hiring The Rector Law Firm. We had Carrie Bush and Terry Rector working on my case. The Rector Law Firm provides excellent legal services. Carrie kept us updated on what was happening with our case. Terry settled our case for the maximum amount. The outstanding thing for us was the PERSONAL service. Carrie and Terry are amazing. The peace of mind we received from Carrie and Terry is immeasurable. We would recommend the Rector Law Firm to anyone involved in an accident! They care about their clients and they will make sure that you are taken care of by the insurance company. We were lost without them. If you’re involved in an accident and injured, insurance companies definitely have an advantage until you hire The Rector Law Firm.”


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“Personalized attention at all times…your call will always be answered. If i could rate higher than 5 stars, I would!”

“I can’t say enough about Rector Law firm.
Terry and Carrie were so understanding, helped me with questions I had, and were very patient with me!
I highly recommend them! Very helpful, and I appreciate everything they have done
for me and my daughters :)”

“I’m in a legal catch 22 and called for direction. I spoke to Carrie. She was the first person that actually wanted to help me in my 5 month ordeal. I really appreciate her for taking the time to listen to me and give me clarity and direction. She gave me hope for my situation! Thank you Carrie!!”

“I was in a car accident and reached out to various law offices. Rector Law Firm made me feel the most comfortable and even came to my home for a free consultation since my damaged car was in the shop. From the initial consultation through the settlement date, Carrie and Mr. Rector worked diligently on my case. I trusted that they were working with my best interests in mind and they did not let me down! If you want to work with a law office who you can trust and will keep you updated on your case with regular communication, choose Rector Law Firm!”

“After my wife getting into a horrible car accident, I did some research and after reviewing other attorney’s in our area like Frank Azar, the McDivett Law Firm and a few others, and noticed that they were all high glam, and you were paying for that glam. Then I came across the Rector Law Firm. Would highly recommend Carrie and Terry to anyone looking for honest people, who truly are in business to help the common person. Very Veteran focused, and an awesome team that helped my wife get all of her needs taken care of in a very timely manner.”

“I was in a very serious car accident and was referred to Rector Law by a friend. I was always in the loop about the progress of my case. I would highly recommend Rector Law Firm to anyone. They are very hands on. When you call you actually talk to a person and not recorder. “

“Me and my fiancé were hit by a car while on our bicycles in down town Colorado Springs. My calarbone was broken and she broke her foot and was immediately induced into a coma for 17 days because of a severe traumatic brain injury. After being the in hospital for a month i searched for a lawyer to help us. After calling everyone I saw on tv and google search and being turned away, we lost hope. Intill one day the name rector law firm was passed on to us by a fellow bicycle accident victim. They were able to help my fiancé and after, they opened a case on my behalf and were also able to get me a substantial settlement. We both are so grateful for what they did for us! If anyone needs legal help i HIGHLY recommend the team at recor law firm.”

“I was run over by a van while on my bicycle and immediately induced into a coma for 17 days. I searched through all the local lawyers for help and NO ONE but Rector Law firm helped me. It is a tragic matter that Rector Law firm maybe the only ones, that truly care for the people that open their door for help.”

“Great Law Firm. Great lawyers and staff. Very personable. Have successfully represented me regarding a number of different issues. Highly recommend their services.”

“Terry Rector and his staff have represented me in the past, and I was fortunate to have their guidance. Terry is a Colorado Springs native who followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers, and he has practiced law in the community for over 35 years. I was pleasantly surprised to access their services even on the weekend. That extra commitment to their clients is one of many reasons that I would highly recommend The Rector Law Firm.”

“If your reading this amazing five star review it’s mean your looking for the best. The support when you need help with anything on legal matters. Rector law firm is by far the best I have ever dealt with. Don’t hire those lame big commercial big headed lawyers because they don’t care about your case. Trust me I know for a fact. Carrie and the Rectors attention to the client and never leaving a question unanswered has got me amaze. Sent an email and within minute I had got the answer I was looking for. They know what they are doing and their attention to detail has put faith in me and my family that someone actual care about you and the injuries your going threw. I highly recommend them trust me you won’t regret the decision.”

“I highly recommend Terry and Carrie! They exceeded my expectations and were very patient during a very difficult time!”

“Professional my case was extremely complex. They weren’t afraid to take my case even after sever other Attorneys turned my case down. It was long and tenuis process but every time I had question or concern along the way the answered my quickly and professionally and kept me informed along the way. They truly care about their clients and they but client’s needs above everything else. I know if I ever need a personal injury Attorney again The Rector Law Firm will be my first and only call.”

“I had a great experience with Dan Rector. He handled my injury case with speed and resolve. He and his staff were great communicators and were always available and informative. Really pleased with my settlement and would highly recommend Dan Rector to represent any injured person.”

“Best lawyer in Colorado to me.”

“The staff at Rector Law Firm go a step above to take care of their clients. They make sure you understand every detail of your case and treat you like a person instead of a customer. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal help and counsel.”




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