spine injury victim xray

Back pain is a common injury following an accident.  The spinal column and back are complex and fragile.  Injury to the back can also cause radiating pain in other parts of the body.  The pain can vary from person to person.  Even serious car accident related spine injuries can take some time to be symptomatic.

Due to the force and impact involved in an accident, injuries to the neck are very common.  Neck injuries reduce a person’s mobility and many times can be vary serious in nature.  These types of injuries can become chronic and result in pain and therapy over a life-time.

Neck injuries that are common in a car accident include neck sprains, whiplash, herniated cervical discs, cervical dislocation, neck fractures, neck muscle tears and even injuries as serious as cervical spinal cord severing.

If injuries to the neck and back are undiagnosed and untreated, those injuries can worsen and cause more serious issues health issues.

Make sure you consult with a medical professional, even if you are not sure if you have injuries, in order to confirm your condition.

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