Unless your motorcycle accident law firm has staff that rides, they can never fully understand the specialized physics and risks that go with riding a motorcycle. We have real-world, hands-on knowledge of how motorcycles run, stop, slide and crash — allowing you to talk through your recollection of the accident with confidence that we will understand. This knowledge also enables us to build and pursue your case armed with insight an opposing attorney likely does not have. Being riders allows us to better serve our clients. With our personal experience, we are able to use our knowledge of how other vehicles often respond to motorcycles, how motorcycle riders check for safety, and how riders respond to dangerous situations. In our experience, this is necessary knowledge if you hope to win your case. Rector Law Protected Rider motorcyclist logo

This is why you need a motorcycle accident attorney, motorcycle collisions are rarely true accidents. By that, we mean many automobile drivers are often distracted by passengers, phones, music, eating etc. Motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by inattentive drivers or drivers who claim they simply “did not see” the motorcyclist. When motorcycle accidents occur though, the cyclists often sustain serious injuries. Despite motorcyclists’ efforts to protect themselves with helmets, clothing and careful driving habits, these safety precautions usually do not fully protect a cyclist when an accident occurs.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts ride much more defensively and alertly than motorists on their way to work. Nevertheless, riders who often do more to avoid a collision than motorists around them, face prejudice when making a claim. This is why you want to choose an experienced, knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney. We know that even the most experienced rider, wearing full protection, must constantly be vigilant for the negligent driver or dangerous road hazard.

Many serious injury victims will never walk again, work again, or enjoy the same life activities they did before the accident. Knowledge of motorcycle law and compassion for your situation will allow you to recover for:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Bike damage and repair costs

Five basic guidelines for selection of a motorcycle attorney after a motorcycle crash:

  1. Always choose a motorcycle lawyer who has already handled motorcycle accident cases like yours in the past.
  2. Ask the potential motorcycle crash attorney for references or examples of motorcycle accident or crash cases in which he/she has represented clients who have been injured while riding or operating a motorcycle.
  3. Verify that the potential motorcycle crash attorney has personally tried motorcycle crash cases before a jury.
  4. Find out about the lawyer’s appellate record to decide whether the lawyer has the experience to appeal your case, if that should become necessary.
  5. Ask questions to satisfy yourself that the potential motorcycle attorney fully understands the relevant motorcycle insurance law in your state.


We have handled many high-value motorcycle accident cases throughout Southern Colorado, working with trusted experts when needed and going the distance to prove the full extent of our clients’ injuries and other damages.

When you have done everything you can possibly do to avoid a collision but it still finds you, you need someone who really understands what happened. You can relate to us, trust us and count on focused attention to your case.