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lady-justice-sm-300x200What does a personal injury lawyer do exactly? At the most basic level, a personal injury lawyer/attorney provides legal representation for those individuals who claim to have been injured either physically or psychologically, as the result of either wrongdoing or negligence of another individual, organization, or other type of entity.  To simplify, they help those people who have been hurt by someone else’s actions.

Why get a personal injury lawyer/attorney?

There are a few reasons why it might make sense to engage a personal injury lawyer:

  • Your case may seem easy but as you work through the process you may determine it is more complicated than you expected. Some of examples of complications: there is more than one injured party and the injuries differ dramatically, multiple medical specialists may be needed and/or the insurance company (whether yours or someone else’s) denies liability, etc.
  • Your injuries are quite serious and handling the case on your own can be overwhelming, both physically and/or mentally. An experienced lawyer will have interfaced with medical providers from other clients and should be able to provide some referrals if you aren’t sure the best medical route to take.
  • Insurance companies (yours or someone else’s) denies liability and/or coverage complicating and elongating your ability to reach a settlement. Insurance companies are out to make profit for their stakeholders. Many people can get frustrated with the process and just drop their claim benefitting the insurance company and saving them money.  Some other reasons you may be denied:
  • You haven’t sought medical care for injuries or you have no medical record to support the alleged injury
  • A pre-existing condition may be blamed for the injury especially if disclosed on any documentation collected when you signed up for your insurance
  • They are denying in “bad faith”, meaning the insurance company isn’t living up to its obligation
  • If your suit is against a government entity, there are different laws that apply to this type of suit and the complexities will be more easily navigated with an attorney who is familiar with these laws
  • There are very specific guidelines that MUST be followed to bring a lawsuit against a government entity, starting with timelines for filing from date of injury
  • Government suits can be highly technical and require a different level of legal expertise, so engaging an attorney with this experience will be in your best interest
  • The government entity could have immunity from your claim
  • There are legal nuances that impact each claim differently and a personal injury lawyer will have insight to these.

How does one identify a good personal injury lawyer/attorney?

  • Understand the benefits of what a personal injury lawyer has to offer
  • Ensure that any attorney you engage is staying abreast of the constantly changing laws around personal injury cases
  • Be sure that you are completely honest about your case/injuries with your lawyer so they can consult on your behalf effectively and be sure you clearly outline the incident
  • Collect any and all documentation you have on the incident and share with your lawyer
  • Make sure that you interview more than one lawyer/attorney and check for any disciplinary action against that attorney
  • Understand how the personal injury lawyer you are choosing is compensated before finalizing your decision

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