As a victim myself, I have become far more educated on homeowner’s insurance and coverage issues. Most people who suffered a total loss from the fire on June 26th 2012, were underinsured on their home. As a result, they can only rebuild or replace their dwelling or home by spending or borrowing money on top of their coverage.  There is no apparent remedy. However, review all your available coverages with an expert who has your interest in mind. Your insurance adjuster is not always accurate in the correct interpretation of the amount of money you have available. This is all a chore because the victim of the Waldo Canyon fire has to prove the losses. You are alone here.  Your interests are not being protected by the insurance adjuster no matter how friendly they may be; or by your builder. If you feel you are not receiving the benefits under your homeowner’s policy or are not being treated fairly by your insurance company, contact a qualified attorney for a legal review.