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angel statue in cemetery | Colorado Springs wrongful death attorneyA Colorado car lot owner and his brother were recently found liable in a wrongful-death lawsuit brought on behalf of a 3-year-old. On April 19th, Jovan Milanovic shot Robert Johnson Fox in the chest with an assault rifle, during an attempted burglary. Milanovic’s Southwest Auto Sales lot had been burglarized recently, and he and two relatives were guarding the property when Fox and an accomplice broke onto the lot.

Colorado’s “Make My Day Law”

Under Colorado’s “Make My Day Law”, landowners are usually protected from being found liable for injuries done to a trespasser. They can be found liable though, if the injuries in question are the result of the landowner’s “willful or deliberate” actions. While Milanovic was found not guilty in the criminal hearing, the jury in the civil case found him liable for the wrongful death of Fox, ultimately denying Milanovic’s claim that it was an accidental shooting.

Our own Colorado Springs wrongful death attorney, Terry E. Rector, successfully proved to the jury that the fatal shots were fired on a “relatively level plane” based on evidence found at the scene, thus winning a $269,500 wrongful death jury award that will compensate the 3-year-old daughter of Fox.

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