A police accident report contains many necessary facts about your crash. The investigating officer usually states his or her opinion as to who is at fault or the cause of the accident. This can be important later when your attorney is trying to argue your case and will argue that you were not the cause of the crash. The crash report will also list any witnesses, the names of drivers and passengers, names of the insurance companies, time of day and condition of the weather and road. So, one can get a lot of good facts from a car accident or crash report.

Usually, after you know who investigated your accident, you can call or drive by the local police station or local Colorado Highway Patrol office and request a copy of your report. You will usually pay a small copying fee to obtain the report. You may be able to obtain the report by email or mail, depending on the local practices of the police or sheriff’s office. These practices vary by town and city in Colorado. You can reach the Colorado Springs Police by calling 719-444-7000 and they can either help you with obtaining your report or possibly direct you to the appropriate law enforcement agency who drafted your report.

An Accident Report can be very important to us and to your treating doctors. It is crucial that we all know how the accident happened and how much property damage was sustained by each vehicle involved. In many cases, we can dramatically use car or motorcycle damage reports and photos to help secure a better settlement, depending on the severity of the “impact”. Dramatic impact photos can help convince a jury and/or an insurance company that your injuries are real and not imagined. Also, your treating doctors will better understand your injuries after seeing your accident report and accident photos. Sometimes photos can be the best evidence!