When dealing with serious issues like personal injury and difficulties dealing with insurance companies, most of us like to know who we are dealing with and their experience in the same type of law. Motorcyclists are no different; they look for professionals with solid reputations and expertise, and in addition, experience with the local legal system.

Terry Rector Law represents motorcycle and other accident victims in the Pikes Peak area and elsewhere around the state of Colorado.

Map of ColoradoTerry Rector is a Colorado Springs native, has practiced law in Colorado Springs for over three decades, he has even been a Deputy District Attorney. The testimonials you read on our site are actually from OUR clients, local people with cases like yours that we have helped … in Colorado.

We don’t spend money on expensive out-of-state franchise marketing agreements; we dedicate our resources going the extra miles for our clients to get the best settlements and awards possible.

Terry Rector Law is an experienced local Colorado accident law firm that will personally take the time to handle all aspects of your case, above all, making certain that you are not only pleased with your representation, but most importantly, with the results.

If you need an attorney or have a question please feel free to call us today.