white car and grey truck in fender bender | Chain Reaction Accidents Two people were injured in a recent chain reaction accident in Colorado Spring that investigators say involved over a dozen cars. Early in April, police responded to an accident on the I-25. When the driver of the first car got out of his car, he was hit by a third car. At least 9 other cars were then involved after the initial accident. The first driver and another driver were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. At the time of the accident, the roads were said to have been icy. Chain reaction accidents are unfortunately common on Colorado roads, especially during inclement weather. When one accident causes multiple accidents, however, it can be difficult to determine who was to blame for the accident and subsequent injuries. Further complicating things, in chain reaction accidents, there are often multiple parties responsible for various aspects of the accident

The rules of the road come into play when figuring out fault. All drivers are required to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of them. This means they are responsible for being able to stop in time, even if the roads are icy. A driver who rear-ends another vehicle will likely be responsible for that damage. Unless, however, a driver is pushed into another vehicle. This is where liability gets complicated.

Establishing fault is tricky in chain reaction accidents and often requires a thorough investigation. Complicating the situation even more is that you may bear some responsibility for the accident as well. An experienced Colorado Springs car accident lawyer can review all aspects of the accident to determine exactly who is to blame for the crash and for your injuries. To do this your lawyer will need review evidence, such as skid marks, eyewitness accounts, police reports, and vehicle damage. If necessary, an accident reconstructionist may be employed.

If you are involved in a chain reaction accident, it is important to speak to an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs car accident attorney immediately. Your attorney can defend your right to compensation and ensure that you aren’t falsely blamed for an accident you didn’t create. Without an attorney on your side, however, collecting compensation from the insurance company can be difficult – especially in chain reaction accidents.

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