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Housebill 19-1275 Increased Eligibility for Criminal Record Sealing

This new house bill repeals and reenacts the statutes related to sealing criminal justice records.  There is now a simplified process to seal criminal records in circumstances where: 1. A case against a defendant is dismissed because the defendant is acquitted of all counts; 2. A diversion agreement is completed by the Defendant when a [...]

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Hit and Runs: What You Need to Know

If you're involved in a hit-and-run accident, it's essential to understand what actions you need to take. Auto accidents are bad enough, but involvement in a hit-and-run is even more consequential. You may be left with severe injuries or financial troubles—and it's not even your fault. Below, we'll take a look at the steps you [...]

Collision at a Stop Light: Who’s in the Wrong:

Side-impact collisions can be very frightening, and lead to extensive damage, injury, or even fatalities. They can occur in numerous varied traffic situations, which can make determining who is at fault extremely complicated. Either driver, or in rarer cases, both drivers, can be found at fault for the accident, unlike certain other types of accidents [...]

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Former CU Student Sentenced to Prison After Car Crash That Killed One

A tragic accident left one University of Colorado student, 21, dead in 2015, and two of her companions seriously injured. Law enforcement that responded to the scene of the accident believed that sleep deprivation, substance abuse, and high speed contributed to the deadly crash. The driver has now been found guilty and sentenced. Recounting the [...]

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Phantom Vehicle Accident: Now What?

While many car accidents occur when an at-fault driver comes into physical contact with another vehicle, a person, or property, there are also accidents incited by a vehicle without physical contact. In these cases, we refer to that vehicle as a “phantom vehicle.” For example, if another driver’s actions cause you to respond in a [...]

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Preparing Your Car for a Colorado Winter

As we transition to winter here in the Colorado Rockies, the roads will continue to become more dangerous for inexperienced drivers. Every year, thousands of individuals get in avoidable wrecks on our roadways, but the good news is that a bit of preparation can do wonders for your safety and the safety of others this [...]

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Fall Community Involvement at the Rector Law Firm

Fall Community Involvement at the Rector Law Firm It’s been a busy few months here at Rector Law Firm, between some exciting company growth and our numerous community involvement events in and around the Colorado Springs area. From golf tournaments to concerts and more, we’ve been all over the area in support of several [...]

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The Smartphone Feature That Could Save Your Life

By now, you probably know that using a smartphone while driving is dangerous. In many states, it is even illegal to text and drive or use a handheld device. Yet, every single day approximately 481,000 drivers continue to use their cell phones while driving. These distractions led to more than 3,450 fatalities in 2016 and [...]

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The Cannabis Conversation Campaign is Underway in Colorado

There has been a rise in Colorado car accident fatalities involving marijuana since the state first legalized pot. Now, Colorado Department of Transportation officials are surveying residents to see how they feel about driving under the influence of pot and the risks they all face on Colorado roads. The Cannabis Conversation is the name of the [...]

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